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In this website, I present my personal case study experience as active member QCH124228801001 with Independence Blue Cross, a health insurance provider in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in an attempt to leverage it for significant change in the American healthcare industry.

Please come back ofter as this website is in it's infantcy. Material is being compiled daily, which will appear on the site shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Disclaimer / Goals

This site is in no way connected to Independence Blue Cross, or any employee or executive member thereof. Independence Blue Cross has over 10,000 rank and file employees, most of which are good, hard working people, who depend on their employment to support them and their families. Instead it's a expose of significant issues within the organization, with focus on the executive branch and the company's spending habits.

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Case Study

The case study presents a seven year sample of a member of Independence Blue Cross insurance who suffered both heart disease and diabetes prior to engaging Independence Blue Cross, but was successfully managed by Aetna. It includes incorrectly denied claims, a suspicious legal attack and a general refusal to communicate. Also, I will promote my position that making it difficult for someone with these conditions to gain access to health care is discriminatory

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A main focus of this website is to attract and promote political candidates who are opposed to inequality in health care. In addition, I seek to gain the attention of existing legislators and encourage them to allow me to present before a congressional committee on health care. In addition, I seek to revamp Pennsylvania driver's license suspension program, a safety program designed to remove dangerous, unhealthy drivers from the roadways.

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Although I am proud of the work to be accomplished by this website, without medical intervention, I have little time left. I am seeking out-of-ibx alternatives to protect my health without the risks associated with Independence Blue Cross

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I look at everything from advertising wrapped SEPTA busses, to an ice skating rink, to blue bicycles that are effectively little billboards that ride around the city promoting Independence Blue Cross. None of which has any benefit on the member who is suffering from poor service.

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No one will know if the site isn't seen. I intend to utilize my 30 year skill experience in websites, digital marketing, social media campaigns. and advertising so that my voice will be heard

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Come back often. On this page, I will be posting the latest intelligence available on all things HealthCare. With this website starting to mature, the support I am attracting, and the upcoming political season heating up, things are sure to move quickly!

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