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05-13-2024 - Once again Blue Cross lawyers are reviewing my Linkdin Profile. This is not the first time, but this is the first time it's the lawyers from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Usually it's just the lawyers with Independence Blue Cross. It's good to see I'm getting noticed!
Blue Cross Lawyers are studying me.

05/06/2024 - I spoke with Kathleen L. of Independence Blue Cross. I asked her for the method of releasing my case file. I also asked if phone calls are ever released, as all phone call are prefaced with a message that they are recorded for quality and training purposes. Kathleen indicated she was confused, since IBX is a health insurance company and not a medical company. I was looking for any records of interaction between myself and the company. We also discussed the letter that she sent to me dated 12/23/2021, which is a written statement from Independence Blue Cross that I totally disagreed with. More on that on a coming update to this website. Kathleen did indicate that she would return to her supervisors to re-review the issue. I am appreciative of that.

Update: After the call, I googled my request, and found this link on the first search:

Authorization for Disclosure of Sensitive Health Information

It is exactly what I was looking for.

04/26/2024 - US Supreme Court urged to strike lawyers' $667 mln fee in Blue Cross case

04/01/2024 - Blue Cross Blue Shield must face Ford Motor antitrust claims, US judge rules

10/25/2023 - $2.7 bln Blue Cross antitrust settlement upheld by US appeals court