Finances: The Blue Cross money machine

"The free market has never been a license to take whatever you want from whoever you can. It only works when there are rules that ensure competition is fair and open and honest." - Barack Obama

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Bonus paid to Kim Keck

According to, Kim Keck's net worth is 17.8 million dollars.

Gregory E. Deavens, the President and CEO of Independence Blue Cross, has a total annual compensation that can reach up to $5 million, including base salary, bonuses, and other compensation. This figure is reflective of the broader industry standards for CEOs of major health insurance companies, though exact figures can vary year by year and depend on the company's performance and other factors​ (NIHCM)​​ (IBX Newsroom)​​ (Health Evolution)​​ (The Philadelphia Sunday Sun)​.
His base salary is believed to be $722,000 annually.

A fundamental issue here is how the money flows. The incentive is get more customers, not to improve service. How do we adjust this? We see that the company sells in bulk to brokers for group plans, not individual members themselves. The brokers market to the HR managers, who are removed from issues that individual members are facing with particular health insurance companies. Propsed: Each region sets the insurance carriers permitted to operate in that region as even. When a new member joins an employer, the member can choose from any of the authorized carriers. The member must agree to accept plan for a period of 1 year. The allows the insurance carrier to predict their yearly financial revenue. At the end of the one year period, if the member is not satifisfied, they may commit to the next year at another health insurance carrier. Independence Blue Cross claims to be the number one health insurance provider in the region. This is because they have became very skilled at marketing to the brokers, and providing them resources to convert group plans to Blue Cross. By not having any choice in the workplace, Independence Blue Cross can remain confident that millions of workers are trapping into paying them for their services. If we simply chance the incentive from selling to Brokers and HR Managers to selling to workers, Indenpendence Blue Cross could still be the number one provider of health insurance. However, they would have to do so organically, by attracting more members that are satisifed with Blue Cross then the competitors.