Medical Page

"Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity" - Hippocrates

The self treatment has been difficult, but I learn as I go along. I currently am actively managing the following:

I have managed all by medical issues of a do-it-yourself basis. Do it yourself:

- Diabetes

- Diabetic macular edema (DME)

- Heart Disease

- Extreme neuropathy

- Neurological Disorder

- Coronovirus (7 or 8 possible infections) *

Other names for Frey’s syndrome include:

Auriculotemporal nerve syndrome.
Gustatory sweating.
Gustatory hyperhidrosis.
Baillarger’s syndrome.
Dupuy syndrome.

I didn't know what it was at first. I thought it was certain foods causing me to sweat. As it's progressed, it became very pronounced. I can sweat profusely, by simply sitting in one position and eating food. I mean sweat rundown your forehead sweating, clothes soaking sweating, looks like I just ran the Broad Street Run sweating, without making a move other then chew. It is very socially isolating. I cannot attend a function where food is served without hearing the phrase "Are you okay?"
I can prove the condition is real. Please come back to this page soon, I am preparing video that will conclusively demonstrate this disorder and the on-command sweating. Frey’s syndrome is the result of severe nerve damage.

- Skin issues *

- Congestive heart failure *

- Anxiety *

- Depression *

* Self diagnosed

These are only the more extreme items in the list. I am seeking reasonably priced medical providers, who do not accept insurance from Independence Blue Cross, whom I could pay directly for treatment of these issues.

All these are extreme and ever increasing. When I hopefully someday testify against Independence Blue Cross before a congressional committee, I'd like to testify that the most difficult self treatment was mental health treatment. How could I possibly seek treatment via a company who is capable of taking the diagnosis information and weaponizing it against me? In our society, far too often, we learn of dramatic news events in which an individual with mental health issues, who has been denied access to care, has acted inappropriately and aggressively. Innocent people are needlessly injured and killed, families are destroyed. I want to testify that in denying access to mental health care, Independence Blue Cross is soliciting such an event. Personally, I had great difficulty in reconciling the various forms of rage, anger, depression, and disappointment caused by the fact that I cannot safely access health care without a legal threat.

How do I cope?

Music therapy - I enjoy just about every type of music you can name, and very knowledgeable about it, and have even begun to play a little.

Pet therapy - I share the love of two small dogs.

My family - The care that I provide for two handicapped people is a love beyond compare.

This website - Although Independence Blue Cross continues to be a barrier to my closure on this issue, I will receive closure anyway by educating the public, and causing change by peacefully encouraging our legislators to dismantle this industry as we know it. Ever since the yet-unexplained attack, I have not have access to healthcare without risk. My family and I cannot suffer another legal attack.

What do I need now?

In the past, my health was managed better in large part to medicines. I seek access to medicines I routinely took prior to starting Blue Cross Insurance. I do not seek any assistance in paying for the drugs, I will pay them for them myself 100 % out-of-pocket. I only seek access to the prescriptions. Access to these three medications would be a game changer.



Originially Prescribed

Lisinopril-Hydrochloride (20-12.5)

Blood Pressure

Pre 2016

Amlodipine Besylate (5 mg)

Blood Pressure

Pre 2016

Nitrostat .4 mg

Chest Pain

Pre 2016

Medical Wish List: As I continue to operate 100 % out of network and out of pocket, I'm seeking the following resources:

A continuous glucose monitor. I am interested in the Dexcom G7, but there is a lot of resistance from the company as it requires an "insurance check". Do people without insurance not have access to continuous glucose monitors? I seek to change that.

Concentrated oxygen. I become short winded and developed chest pains after only a short amount of walking. I am interested in the Abiomed oxygen concentration system. Not only does that system require an insurance check, when I fill out the information online, it automatically is aware that I have insurance provided by Independence Blue Cross.

A Pennsylvania handicap placard. As the primary caretaker of two handicapped people, who has difficulty walking great differences without shortness of breath and chest pains, a Pennsylvania handicap placard would be a wonderful aid. I am available to present myself before any doctor, whom I assure you will verify I am eligible for the tag.