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"You could stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won't back down" - Tom Petty

What do you do when you have severe heart disease, diabetes, only one choice for health insurance, and that insurance company has completely rejected you? Welcome to my journey. . .

Disclaimer / Goals

Although the content presented on this website may be technically of opinion, I will provide as much factual supporting evidence as possible to prove the following:

▪ Independence Blue Cross was involved in the legal attack.

▪ Independence Blue Cross is not prepared to handle a negative incident occurring within their organization.

▪ Independents Blue Cross was underprepared for the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic, and took little or no corrective action.

Independence Blue Cross DOES NOT meet the definition of health insurance.

Independence Blue Cross DOES meets the definition of a pyramid scheme. A vast majority of the money taken in from members is used for self promotional purposes, which in turn get more members. Little or no effort is being put into the actual operation of the health care administrative business.

▪ Dr Rodrigo Cerda, of Independence Blue Cross, has exposed the American Diabetes Association, and the American Diabetes Association should receive an immediate boycott from the public.

▪ Independence Blue Cross has spiraled away from its core business of providing health insurance. That’s seems hardly a consideration to them anymore.

What will be on display on this website? An antiquated, outrageous health care system, and the people who are exploiting it for all it's worth. The biggest issue for employees? NO CHOICE. If I have television service with Comcast, and I perceive that service to be poor, I simply terminate my relationship with Comcast and sign up with Verizon. The free market economy allows me to go where I feel comfortable. Furthermore, there is a Public Utilities Commission that has significant influence over the providers. In my IT experience, I have seen many instances in which Verizon or Comcast has failed to provide good service. The customer service issues drag on for a period of time. Then the customer files a complaint with the PUC. Suddenly, the errant vendor is on site as if Team Seal 6 had entered their building and ordered them to provide service. It's actually quite impressive the capabilities of the government in these cases. We need a “PUC” for healthcare.
Does anyone argue that television and telephone service is more important than health care? So why do I have no choice? Why can't I simply call up Aetna and go back to service that doesn't threaten my very existence.
The more I research, the deeper the concerning behavior goes. At first I thought my issues were limited to Independence Blue Cross. Later I learned that the entire Blue Cross family of companies is highly suspect. And as I dig even deeper, I'm finding the entire industry appears corrupt. Many negative situations have a silver lining. In this case, a sleeping giant has been awoken. By documenting my experience with Independence Blue Cross, and leveraging the rest of my life's experience and capabilities, I hope to be an important catalyst for change.